I want all of you to know about the importance of shopping at Goodwill. My daughter-in-law introduced me to Goodwill a few months back. She showed me a shelf that she had painted and hung in the foyer of her new home to help organize all of the children’s school things. She told me that she bought it for very little at her local Goodwill store. I wanted to go immediately. I was amazed at the items I could buy there for very little. In addition, Goodwill marks the price of each item on the back along with a color. Each day or week, according to which Goodwill you go in, they post a color. Everything marked that color is 25% off. We went in one Goodwill where everything marked that color of the day was 50% off the already¬†ridiculously low price. Some of you may disagree with me about Goodwill and I will give a disclaimer. We have been in a few stores that only had junk and at local store prices so you never know until you start searching them out.

The fun is in the search. We always scan for the wrought iron items and frames. My husband loves to buy polo type shirts there. I am always amazed at the clothes that my two daughter-in-laws show me that they found at Goodwill. The clothes they find look new. Books of kinds are also available. A can of paint and I am ready to upcycle anything now for pennies or at least a few dollars.

Goodwill helps to put people to work. They work with churches and other non-profit organizations to help people in need. Every penny we spend at Goodwill helps them help others.

I am going to share with you my finds at Goodwill and how I turned them into beautiful items for my home and others’ home throughout this blog. Happy Searching!

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